Our Referral Program

Cronin Insurance appreciates referrals. To us, a referral means you liked us enough that you decided to recommend us to your friends or family. We appreciate that. We like your recommendations so much that we’ve decided to launch our New Referral Program.

Each time we receive a phone call from someone and they say you referred them to us, we’ll send you a thank you card along with a $5 Chevron Card, as a token of our appreciation. Your name will then be added to our “referral list”. At the end of each quarter, we’ll have a random drawing. Whoever is chosen, Cronin Insurance will donate $100 to the winner’s charity of choice. We will personally reach out to the winner, to let them know that they won, and reset the drawing for the following quarter.

So if you have anyone who’s looking for Insurance- whether that’s Home, Car, Business, or Life Insurance, be sure to send them our way. 

We thank you!