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Home Insurance

Since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, major insurance carriers have stopped writing home insurance in Florida. Most of the national companies you see on TV are gone from Florida. Many companies limit the areas where they will offer coverage. Some exclude the perils of wind and hurricane completely from their policies. As many Floridians have experienced, companies cancel policies for “Reduction of Exposure" in their zip codes.

To buy Homeowners insurance in Florida can be challenging. With this article, we would like to explain the Who What When Where and Why of Home Insurance in Florida. Here are the answers to your questions about Home insurance. And we would like to offer you Cronin Insurance Agency as your solution to the problem of finding affordable Homeowners insurance in Florida. So let's get started.

Auto Insurance

Car Insurance covers you while driving your car. If you are a licensed driver who owns a car, truck or van, you need car insurance. If you get sued, car insurance can pay the plaintiff. If you get hurt, car insurance can pay the doctors and the hospital. If you suffer damage to your car, car insurance can repair it. If your car suffers a total loss, car insurance can provide you money to replace it.

Business Insurance

At Cronin Insurance, we specialize in Business Insurance in Florida. Whether you are an Individual, Corporation or LLC, we can offer you Business Insurance Solutions that cover:

Business Property
Liability for Bodily Injury and Property Damage
Commercial Vehicles
Employment Practices
Cyber Liability
Professional Liability
Workers Compensation

Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is an excellent choice when your need is only temporary. It's got really low premiums that stay the same for the entire term of the policy - 1, 10, 20 or even 30 years. You can buy a $1,000,000 Term Life insurance policy in Florida for as little as $30 a month.

Other Products

Other products include: Personal Liability Umbrella, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation, and Jewelry Insurance

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