Will Solar Panels Put Your Home Insurance At Risk?

Many people are investing in Solar panels for their home.

For the most part, Solar Panels can cause complications when trying to purchase an insurance policy.

The general rule of thumb is that you have to assume most companies won’t write them.

Therefore you will need to mention that you have solar panels up front and they’ll let you know if they’ll write the insurance.

Some companies may write the property insurance but will exclude the solar panels.

Here’s the current information about Solar Panels as of June 2023.

Solar panels have different interconnection tiers based on their power.

Tier 1: up to 10 kW

Tier 2: 10 kW to 100kW

Tier 3: 100kW to 2000kW

And to give you an idea about these Power numbers,

10kW is enough power to power an entire mansion, including lights, TVs, fridges, and more. 

So Tiers 2 and 3 would be way too much power for a typical home.

Therefore Tiers 2 and 3 might not be eligible for many private home insurance companies.

Some companies (like Edison, for instance), will insure the property but only if the solar panels have a Tier 1 or 2 Interconnection- not Tier 3.

Citizens has told us that they will insure Solar panels as long as they are named and accounted for in their Replacement Cost Calculator.

If you want Solar panels, what should you do?

The general advice is:

  1. Find out what kind of solar panels you have…
  2. What kind of net metering you have…
  3. Locate and have an interconnection agreement handy in case underwriting asks for evidence on the panels.

Your agent can shop their companies along with the interconnection agreement to try to fine you coverage.

If no market available, you can try getting a policy for the entire house excluding the Solar panels.

Contact Cronin Insurance with you questions about solar panels. 

As always we will try our best to find you a competitive Home insurance policy.

Low rates, Choice of Companies and Personal advice from local agents.

Cronin Insurance is the Wise Choice.


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