How To Bundle in 2022

Bundle Insurance with Cronin

There’s a lot of talk about bundling your insurance these days.

Bundling your insurance means writing both your car and home insurance together and getting a discount on both.

The problem is most companies don’t write both car and home insurance in Florida.

Does that mean you can’t bundle your insurance in Florida?

We think not.

Bundle your policies at Cronin Insurance.

Check out this video:

Here’s how to bundle in Florida in 2022

We”ll get you great rates on both Car and Home insurance.

And you only have to make one call to Cronin to make any changes you need.

And if one company raises your rates, we can find you another.

You get all the advantages of bundling,

Without the disadvantage of access to only one company.

So when you get tired of shopping around and want to have all your policies in one place,

Bundle your home and auto insurance with Cronin Insurance.

And why not add a Personal Liability Umbrella while you’re at it.

You’ll be glad you did.

Low rates, choice of companies, and personal advice:

Cronin Insurance is the wise choice.


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