Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Jewelry

 It’s the month where our thoughts turn to love.  When Cupid’s arrows fall from above. Valentine blesses those drawn together. To move through life in every endeavor. We know from experience rings can get lost, the stone can fall out or even get tossed. What can you do if this happens to you? Tell your fiancé is all you can do. If you insured it, there’s nothing to fear. You put in a claim and don’t shed a tear.  When the big day comes, don’t worry so much about vendors, your dress, your guests, and such. You can insure these things simply enough. One call to Cronin and you’ve covered your stuff. So go fall in love, show your affection and don’t be naïve…get some protection.

– A Wise Man

As we celebrate the Valentine’s Day of the year, we here at Cronin Insurance agency would like to remind you that your home insurance policy might not offer adequate coverage for jewelry. The standard coverage for stolen jewelry, watches, furs, precious and semiprecious
stones is only $1,500.
Make sure that your big gift is protected and call Cronin Insurance for a Jewelry Insurance Quote to day.


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