How to pour a black and tan

We’re all starting to accept the idea that we may need to self-quarantine – for the immediate future… and if we’re going to spend time in isolation, we’re going to need something to do.

In that spirit, and of course in the spirit of St Paddy’s Day, we’re
going to re-publish one of our most popular videos:

How to Pour a Black and Tan

So if BORED games and TV aren’t enough – grab some stout + pale beer. We’ve got something for you to try!

It will help pass the time. You’ll have an excellent drink to NOT
watch the NBA, NOT follow Spring Training Baseball, and NOT go to any
plays or concerts…. well… you get the idea. Please watch the follow the instructions and watch the video below:

Supplies you’ll Need

  1. pint glass
  2. spoon
  3. pale ale beer for the bottom
  4. dark stout beer for the top

Steps to Pouring a Black and Tan

  1. Hold your pint glass at an angle and slowly fill your pale ale about halfway from the bottom.
  2. Then take your spoon, flip it upside down (so that the rounded side is facing you), and pour your dark stout veryyyy slowly. Having a spoon creates a shorter distance, slows the flow, and allows it to layer on like a cake. This may take a few tries in the beginning – be patient and make sure it doesn’t pour too quickly or else it will penetrate into your pale ale.
  3. Voilà! There You have it! You now have a black and tan!

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Thank you!


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