Roof Sale: $10,000 Off

Need a new roof. My Safe Florida Home has a grant that can save you $10,000.

Yes, you read correctly. $10,000 Off a New Roof.

You must be wondering how such a fantastic offer is possible and where you can get yours.

Let’s dive into the details!

Get a Brand New Roof at a Whopping $10,000 Discount: How It Works and How to Apply

Imagine getting a brand new roof for your home at a jaw-dropping $10,000 off!

Yes, you read that right – up to two-thirds off the regular price.

Thanks to recent bills passed by the Florida legislature last summer, homeowners can finally find relief from skyrocketing insurance costs.

One of the innovative solutions introduced is the My Safe Florida Home program.

My Safe Florida Home is aimed at helping homeowners make their homes more Hurricane-proof.

This program helps pay for these improvements which will protect their properties against potential damages.

Some of these changes can result in thousands of dollars in insurance premium.

And make your home more attractive to Companies who may want to enter the Florida Market.

My Safe Florida Home is Open for Business

Starting this month, you can apply for one of these matching grants.

And this match is substantial.

The program will match eligible improvements- up to 66% of the cost with a maximum of $10,000

So a $15,000 new roof would cost the homeowner $5000 and the State $10,000.

And that’s 66% off a new roof.

My Safe Florida Home Program can save you $10,000

Can I access the Program for Hurricane Windows or Doors?


Roofs & Structure

  • Reinforce Roof-to-Wall Connections
  • Install Secondary Water Resistance for the Roof
  • Upgrade Roof Covering
  • Improve the Strength of Roof Deck Attachments


  • Exterior Door Upgrades
  • Garage Door Upgrades
  • Window Upgrades


Who’s Eligible and How to Apply

Any Floridian who resides in a site-built, single-family, detached home can apply for a free inspection through the Hurricane Hardening Program.

Eligibility details can be found in the comprehensive Homeowner’s Guide provided by the program.

The Inspection Process

Once your inspection application is approved, you’ll be notified via email (or an alternative method if required) about the assigned inspection firm and their contact information.

Within a week, an inspector will reach out to schedule a free inspection of your home.

Eligible Upgrades and Reimbursement

Upon completing the inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report recommending eligible improvements to hurricane harden your home. These upgrades are eligible for reimbursement under the program.

To initiate the reimbursement process, you’ll need to request a Final Inspection, which will be conducted by the My Safe Florida Home Program at no cost to you.

Once the Final Inspection is complete, you can submit a Reimbursement Draw Request, including all the necessary documents.

For a comprehensive list of required documents, consult the Reimbursement Guide available on the program’s website.

Mistake on Your Reimbursement Request? No Worries!

If you happen to make a mistake on your Reimbursement Draw Request, don’t panic.

The Neighborly system will return the request to you for resubmission. Keep an eye out for an email from “Neighborly Software,” which will specify the missing information that needs to be addressed.

Simply resubmit the corrected Draw Request through the Applicant Portal.

Approved Contractors and Tax Information

Worried about finding reputable contractors? The Hurricane Hardening Program has you covered.

You can find the list of approved MSFH contractors in your grant approval email.

Another piece of good news – the grants provided by the program are not taxable income.

So, you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity without any additional tax burden.

Seize the moment and secure your home with a new roof at an astonishing 66% discount.

Apply for the Hurricane Hardening Program today and protect your home from potential storm damages.

Don’t miss this chance to make your home safer while saving big!

As always, if you have any questions, contact the licensed agents at Cronin Insurance Agency.

Low rates, choice of companies and personal advice.

Cronin Insurance is the Wise Choice.


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