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Automatic Water Shut Off Valve

A water shut-off device can detect leaks and shut off your water system before it floods your house.

This can save you a nightmare claim scenario and also put a few bucks back in your pocket.

One of the worst scenarios for any homeowner is a broken pipe and the resulting water damage to their walls, floors and personal property.

One recent claim happened while a homeowner was on vacation and the pipe leaked for two weeks causing more than $100,000 of damage.

You might say that’s no big deal because they had insurance.

But you would be ignoring the $2500 deductible, plus the cost to repair the pipe itself.

What about the loss of irreplaceable family heirlooms ruined by the flooding?

And the time spent cleaning the debris.

Or the inconvenience of having to move out during repairs.

Or living in a house that is being repaired with subsequent saw dust, chemical smells, and workers always around.

Ask anyone that’s been through this, they will all tell you that they wish it never happened in the first place.

And that’s the point for today’s blog:

What if you could prevent that pipe from flooding the house?

And even better, what if your solution could also save you money on your home insurance?

Automatic Water Shut-off valves save you money

leakSmart Automatic Water Shut Off Valve
Automatic Shut Off Valves sense water leaks and shuts off water to your house and stop potential flooding.

These systems shut-off your water based on continuous flow.

For example, if water is running for 20 minutes continuously, it will shut off the water.  

That means these systems can help you catch non-damaging leaks that drive up your water bill (leaky toilet)

AND catastrophic leaks that can destroy your home (burst pipe).  

This will definitely save you money on your water bill.

They can also save you from Disaster

A detection system shuts off the water to prevent further leaking into your home and onto your personal property.

This can save you thousands of dollars in clean up as well as damage to your flooring and the contents of your home.

This limited damage might keep your out of pocket under your deductible.

Without that flooding, you can still live in your home while the repairs are being done- saving you that inconvenience.

How Do these systems work?

Most systems are installed on the outside supply pipe that brings your water into your home.

They use sensors to detect constantly running water.

Once they detect this running water, they shut a valve to cut off the water supply to the house.

By preventing further leaking, they minimize the damage to the home.

Many will tie into your home network and give you alerts and notifications on your phone when a leak is detected.

Some will even suggest where the leak might be located.

This allows you to contact a plumber to find and repair any leaks or even do it yourself.

What do Leak Detection Systems Cost?

Phyn Automatic Water Shut Off Valve
Automatic Shut Off Valves sense water leaks and shut off water to your house and stop potential flooding.

Most systems start at about $109 and can go up to $1200 or so.

This depends on the options like actual leak detection, internet connectivity and notifications.

While some claim to be “Do it Yourself”, most will require a plumber to install correctly.

So you need to take that cost into consideration too.

What about Home insurance?

There’s more good news.

Many Home Insurance Companies will give you discounts on your premium for installing one of these units.

It makes sense as Nonweather-related Water Damage is one of the costliest kinds of claims they pay.

Federated National and Monarch Insurance have a promotion that saves you hundreds when you purchase the Moen Flo-Smart product.

You can not get this discount from Amazon or anyone else, so you might want to check it out if you have Federated National for your home.

ASI/Progressive is offering up to a 15% discount if you install an Automatic Water Shut-Off system.

Other companies may soon follow suit and encourage more policyholders to install these systems.

At some point, certain companies may require them too.

Why should You Consider Automatic Water Shut off valves?

  • Save money on your water bill from constantly leaking water.
  • Save the hassle from doing a massive clean up of your house from leaked water.
  • Save the expense of paying your home insurance deductible when you repair the water damage from the leak.
  • Save money on your home insurance depending on the company you have.

We’ve all been bombarded with rate increases in this crazy Florida Home Insurance market.

150,000 people have been cancelled in the last few months.

All the rest are seeing renewal increases of 35% and more.

Here’s a positive way to save money, avoid hassle, and prevent expensive claims on your policy.

Automatic water shut off valves can do this for you.

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