You can now text images to us

Send and Receive Images
Take a photo and text the image to Cronin Insurance at 561-475-5606
Don’t wait to get to a scanner, take a photo on your phone and text it to Cronin Insurance at 561-475-5606

Picture this: You receive an email advising you that the insurance company needs to receive a copy of your prior insurance or they will cancel you at midnight. The problem is that you are on the road with no access to a scanner or computer. What do you do?

You decide you’ll call Cronin Insurance Agency for help. Ursula has an idea. Check your wallet and your glove box for your old ID card from your prior company. Luckily, you find it in the glove box. Now what?

Ursula tells you to take a photo on your phone and text that photo to 561-475-5606. What was that number again? 561-475-5606.

You text the photo and Ursula texts you back in 10 minutes advising you that she received the id card, forwarded it to your company and you will be getting a reinstatement in the mail. Success!

Attaching documents and photos to your texts allows you to be truly mobile. No more waiting until you get home to sit at your desk in order to send your documents – You can do it all from the phone!

And even better, we can send you images by text, too!

ID cards, Evidence of Insurance and any other documents you might need from us.

At Cronin Insurance, we hear what our clients are telling us:

Ability to contact us by phone, email, text and Messenger. You can do that!

Check policies and download id cards through the Web –My Account on our site does that!

Take a photo of a document and text it to Cronin Insurance. Done!

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Online, by phone or in person, Cronin Insurance does business the way you want to.

Start using our new text number, 561-475-5606 and text us images, photos, and documents while you’re at it. And don’t forget to save the text number in your Contacts.

Low rates, Choice of Companies and Personal Advice

  • And now Images by Text!

Cronin Insurance Agency is “the Wise Choice”.


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