Are you covered when you work for Uber or Lyft?

Are you covered while working for Uber?

Many of us make a little extra cash by driving for Uber or Lyft?

Whether its giving rides to passengers or deliveries to homes, the extra money can really help a family.

But will your car insurance policy cover you while you are driving for Uber or Lyft?

The simple answer is No.

Your personal car insurance is meant to cover you while you are using your car for personal reasons.

Commuting to work or school, or taking a road trip on the weekend are certainly covered.

But when you are using your car for commercial or business purposes, then you will not be covered.

For example, if you are driving your pickup to work at an Auto Parts Store, you will be covered.

But if you use your pickup to make deliveries for that same store, you will not be covered.

Your insurance company will advise you to make a claim on the Store’s commercial policy.

That’s because this Business use of your truck should be covered by the business who sent you.

The same applies to vehicles used for Uber or Lyft.

While you are working, you will need to be covered by Uber or Lyft for any claims while working.

Most companies will extend coverage to your car UNTIL you turn on the Uber or Lyft transponder.

Once you accept a ride request, you will be covered under Uber’s policy as soon as you leave for pickup.

And your personal car insurance will not cover you until you stop driving for Uber that day.

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