How To Stop Home Insurance From Going Through The Roof

Help Fight Home Insurance Increases

As many of you have found out already, Florida Home Insurance Companies are raising rates 25% and more.

Because of the amount of fraud in the marketplace, home insurance rates continue to go up, and insurance companies are limiting coverage and canceling or nonrenewing policies.

As a result, many consumers will have no options other than Citizens, Florida’s market of last resort where coverage is often inferior to private insurance companies.

Florida Companies can not raise rates on only those who place claims – they simply spread the increase to everyone.

I wish I had a nickel for everyone who’s said to me, “Why are my rates going up, I’ve never made a claim.”

The scenario goes like this. Homeowners do not maintain their roofs.

A contractor knocks on their door and advises them they need a new roof. How would you like us to have your insurance company pay for it?

Florida law states that if you have 25% or more damage from a covered peril, you must replace the damage.

The contractor finds 25% damage to the roof, blames it on the last storm, and places a claim for a new roof.

When the company balks at the claim, the contractor has a law firm waiting in the wings to sue the company. They sue the company and get a judgment to pay for the entire roof.

The lawyer then asks for a “Multiplier” because this was a complex claim. Florida judge awards the multiplier. A $10,000 claim becomes $50,000 claim.

The company raises every homeowner’s rate at the next renewal to make up for high claims payouts. They also stop writing new business in that zip code, county, or even the entire state.

That’s the problem. We pay for the sins of others.

Keep in mind that the following post is from Florida Tort Reform which is an Industry lobbying group.

What is happening in Florida?

Florida Laws Incentivize Unnecessary Litigation

In Florida, lawyers can collect “fee multipliers” for their work on home insurance claims.

These multipliers mean lawyers can take home up to 30 times more than the homeowners they represent. 

Fraud Schemes are Driving Up Costs

Third parties (not affiliated with your home insurance company) use aggressive tactics to target Florida homeowners and file claims on their behalf. These claims promise things like “a free roof,” but what they don’t mention is that they are driving up your insurance cost. 

Without legislative action, insurance companies will continue to restrict coverage, making it difficult for Floridians to find comprehensive coverage at affordable rates.

Now is the time to take action!

Florida’s Legislature is currently debating reforms that seek to remove the incentives for these abusive activities.

What you can do:

Fill out this petition to let your legislators know you support Senate Bill 76 and House Bill 305. These bills will help reduce fraud and abuse with the hope of increasing the availability of insurance coverage at affordable prices. 

When you talk to your friends and family: 

You can find more information on these bills on the Floridians for Lawsuit Reform website. 


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