How to Combat Rising Car Insurance Rates

What can you do to combat rising car insurance rates?

Have you received the mail yet?

In particular, the renewal of your Car insurance?

Let me guess. They raised your rates again.

When will it stop? And what can you do about it?

First: Check Your Current Policy for Discounts

The best way to combat rising car insurance rates is to check the discounts on your policy.

Are you getting all the discounts you deserve?

You may qualify for one or more of these discounts:

Auto Insurance Discounts
Check your policy for these discounts if you qualify.

Try Usage-Based Telematics to Reduce Your Premium

Usage-Based Car Insurance (aka Telematics) is where you let the Insurance Company monitor your driving habits so you can qualify for safe driving discounts on your Car Insurance Policy.

Car Insurance Companies monitor your driving in the following ways:

  • By a device plugged into your car. (Progressive and Safeco)
  • Via a Mobile App on your phone. (Travelers, Progressive and Safeco)
  • Simply reporting the actual mileage you drive in a year to the Company. (Mercury)

There seems to be a generational divide in the popularity of these programs.

Baby Boomers seem to worry about “Big Brother” while Millenials and Gen Z are more willing to try this discount.

Most companies offer anywhere from 5 to 30% savings for using their Usage-Based programs-

It depends on how you drive.

And many will give you an immediate 10% discount just to try their Telematics programs.

For more information on Usage-Based Auto Insurance Discounts, check out this blog.

Shop Your Insurance with Other Car Insurance Companies

Cronin Insurance makes this easy.

Simply call us and we’ll shop multiple companies for you.

We only offer A rated companies with a strong ability to pay claims.

We will check the discounts for you to make sure you have great rates with adequate coverage.

Many Floridians turn to Cronin Insurance Agency for a Car Insurance Policy when:

  • They buy a new car, truck or van.
  • They’re sick of their current company raising their premium at every renewal.
  • They suffer the sticker shock of raising their limits when they lease a new car.
  • They can’t believe how much it cost to add their child to their policy.
  • They’re angry that their company jacked up their rates after an accident.
  • They’re upset that their rates are high because of their credit score.

What’s the best way to combat rising car insurance rates?

The best way to combat rising auto insurance  rates is to shop multiple companies and compare rates.

Cronin Insurance makes it easy for you – we’ll do the work and get back to you with a report from competing car insurance companies.

Call and we’ll shop the market to find the best Car insurance quote for your unique situation.

Low rates, choice of companies and personal advice.

Cronin Insurance is the Wise Choice.


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