Time to Decide on health Insurance for 2022

Health Insurance 2022

Whether you need Medicare or an Under 65 Health insurance plan for 2022, time is running out to choose.

As most of you know already, its Annual Enrollment time for health insurance.

For Medicare, you need to choose a Supplement, Drug plan, or Medicare Advantage plan prior to December 7.

If you are under 65, you’ve got til January 15 this time around.

Before you decide, you owe it to yourself to check the great plans and large networks of doctors from Florida Blue.

And you can get Florida Blue plans from Cronin Insurance.

Why Florida Blue for your Health insurance?

Florida Blue has been insuring Floridian’s health for more than 75 years.

They are based in Jacksonville, Florida and have never left our state or suspended writing insurance in our Area.

As part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield companies, Florida Blue has networks in 47 states.

They have the largest network of doctors, hospitals, urgent care and ancillary care that you can find in Florida.

With Florida Blue you can:

Take advantage of “Blue365” deals on Gym Memberships, Fitness Gear and even Pet Supplies.

Visit a Florida Blue Center and take free fitness classes, enroll in Free Wellness Programs and get Health Advice from one of our nurses.

With the convenience of our Virtual Health Care options, you can receive quality care without stepping foot in a doctor’s office.

Florida Blue offers Proactive care programs: from a Healthy Pregnancy to Managing Diabetes we are with you every step of the way.

From Literacy programs to initiatives that impact Food Security, Florida Blue is keeping Florida’s communities healthy in every way possible.

Medicare supplement and Medicare advantage Plans

Whether you are looking for a Supplement, a Prescription Drug plan, or a Medicare Advantage plan, Florida Blue’s got you covered.

Florida Blue’s Medicare Supplements let you customize your supplement to any of the Plans A-N and see any doctor that accepts Medicare.

We also offer two different Medicare Prescription Plans – one with a lower premium and the other with lower co-pays/

Our Medicare Advantage plans offer both HMO’s managed care and PPO for out of network and out of state coverage.

And many cost $0 in premium!

All of these plans come with $100’s of dollars in rewards for routine preventive care procedures.

Plans include routine dental, vision, hearing and in-home care, and transportation.

Some plans can even refund some premium as well as subsidize food for those neediest.

Better hurry, though, you need to decide before December 7, 2022.

Under 65 plans for individuals and families

Florida Blue offers all the Bronze, Silver and Gold plans for individuals and families.

And you can offset much of the premium with ACA subsidies that President Biden recently increased.

Whether you are looking high deductible for a lower premium because you are healthy, or you are looking to manage your health care cost based on known chronic conditions, Florida Blue has a plan for you.

If you need 24/7 care advice, Florida Blue offers Teledoc to help you.

Let Florida Blue devise a plan with your individual needs in mind.

But hurry, the annual enrollment period ends in January.

When you want a Florida Blue health plan for 2022, contact Cronin Insurance.

We’ll get you a quote from who we think is the best health insurance company in Florida – Florida Blue.

Cronin Insurance is the Wise Choice.


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